Saturday, April 5, 2008

Homebrew Internet Searches

Occasionally, I search the internet for new resources and typically find quite a bit of sites and media related to the homebrewing of beer. Increasingly, this is not the case. Go ahead, try it out for yourself: Also, do an image search and you'll find mostly images of home-built computers and other electronic contraptions.
As of today, ranked number 1 in a google search is the Wikipedia article related to homebrew video games. I'm not sure when the term homebrew was adopted by game and game system DIYers but it seems like they need another name! How 'bout "homedev" to describe consumers developing games and system mods. Brew should be related to liquid concoctions such as beer, tea, and halloween potions.
Looks like the homebrewing BEER community needs to take back our word but it will not be an easy fight. Those game and electronic geeks are tagging the word "homebrew" hundreds of times per second (just a guess, of course)! Beer homebrewers unite! Get that meta data rolling and start labeling, tagging, and digging so that once again we can peacefully taste homebrew.

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