Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mark's Keg and Carboy Washer

There's a new gadget out there that essentially cleans-in-place carboys, kegs, and lines (transfer, pump, beverage, gas, chilling). It's called  Mark's Keg Washer.  The homebrew DIYer can build such a gadget for a fraction of the cost using an immersion pump and common plumbing hardware.  Check out these videos of Mark's Keg Washer in action:

Keg & Carboy Washer Part 1 from Olin Schultz on Vimeo.

Keg & Carboy Washer Part 2 from Olin Schultz on Vimeo.

Keg & Carboy Washer Part 3 from Olin Schultz on Vimeo.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Has Anyone Used This: Video - Carboy Cleaner

Using Better Bottles makes the old carboy-brush relatively useless since the plastic is susceptible to scratching. While PBW mostly eliminates fermentation build-up on the inside of the Better Bottle, I've had two instances where a chemical clean was not good enough. I needed to attach a small rag to my lees stirrer to gently rub away the stubborn gunk that PBW was unable to remove. Perhaps this would be a better solution for every cleaning!?