Sunday, April 19, 2009

Magnum, Hop Farm April 29 2009

I did a bit of work on the farm today. Cleared the remainder of weeds, leveled the soil, replanted two vojvodina mounds, inspected and repaired irrigation (set for 1 hour every 24hrs beginning at 5am), and Michelle mulched all three rows. Still left to do is replant three bottom row chinook mounds, restring several trellis wires, and install some chicken wire or some other form of deterring the wild rabbits. Also, I need to build the box fan dehydrator before harvest. Sent from my mobile phone.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Stone Brewery with Seanywonton

The lighting here really isn't conducive to cell cams but it should convey the theme of the weekend. Seanywonton and Clarissa are visiting us in SD. Though we've known each other for a number of years via the blogosphere, this is the first time we have met in person. My wife and I are strongly considering reciprocating the visit to experience Brooklyn. Sent from my mobile phone.

Barrel Aging at The Lost Abbey

The only other brewery I've seen with this many barrels was Firestone Brewery (late 90's). Firestone has since moved over to using oak cubes/chips (does anyone know if they still use barrels for special batches?). These are the barrels you can see from their brewcam on Lost Abbey's website. On the other side is a room literally stacked wall-to-wall with barrels. Sent from my mobile phone.

Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey

After Green Flash, we headed to Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey. I've been needing an excuse to come here. As soon as the bartender saw Seanywonton's New York ID, she flipped on the attitude to make him feel at home! It was all in good fun since she took care of us. We also spent some time with Tomme, the Lost Abbey brewmaster. He showed us the labor intensive process of bottling and explained to us what it would take $ to automate the process. Sent from my mobile phone.

Green Flash Brewery

At Green Flash Brew Co. Seanywonton, Clarissa, me, and Sarah. Sent from my mobile phone.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Torpedo Extra IPA, Sierra Nevada

Made a trip to BevMo today and had to try Sierra's Torpedo Extra IPA. Very reminescent of their flagship pale ale, Torpedo is more malty with brighter cascade and perle flavor and aroma. Nice job, Sierra. Sent from my mobile phone.