Friday, March 11, 2011

Has Anyone Used This: Video - Carboy Cleaner

Using Better Bottles makes the old carboy-brush relatively useless since the plastic is susceptible to scratching. While PBW mostly eliminates fermentation build-up on the inside of the Better Bottle, I've had two instances where a chemical clean was not good enough. I needed to attach a small rag to my lees stirrer to gently rub away the stubborn gunk that PBW was unable to remove. Perhaps this would be a better solution for every cleaning!?


  1. Thats nifty, I do most all my wine making in Better Bottles. I usually rinse with a Jet Carboy Washer, soak with PBW for 12-24hrs and then rinse again with the Jet. Seems to do the trick for me, but I know beer precipitate can be a pita.

  2. Found another link where you can just buy the pads. If you're making wine, you probably already have a lees stirrer. You can simply remove the plastic stir ends and put the pads on. I know you rarely have stubborn buildup but it might be nice to have the pads just in case. I've had times when a 24+ hour soak just couldn't release all the gunk.


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