Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dr. Miche-ale

This is brew 2 for my wife's (Michelle) post-defense happy hour. The name is simply a play on her name for kicks and giggles but no one will ask for the name of either of the brews I will have on tap. This is the lighter of the two, to satisfy the "light is what I drink" crowd. Really, I'm super proud of my girl! She's experienced lots of research frustration and patience and truly deserves recognition. We plan on an entire weekend of celebration! Below is a picture of Michelle during a quick-stop at lab on a weekend a couple of years ago. I know, she's a bit out of safety compliance but, she 's pro!Dr. Miche-Ale
5 Gallons, All Grain, Single Infusion Mash, 90 Minute Boil

11lbs. Domestic Two-Row
1/2lb. Crystal 60
1/2lb. Victory

1oz. Homegrown Chinook 60min.
1/2oz. Amarillo 7% 30min.
1 Whirlfloc Tab 15min.
1/2oz. Amarillo 7% 5min.

Safale, US-05
Racked on previous yeast bed from Celebration Ale

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