Friday, June 5, 2009

Smoke or Fire!?

At an awesome restaurant and look what's going down! Playing our favorite drinking game, Smoke or Fire. Sent from my mobile phone.

Smoke or Fire Drinking Game

So here's the basics: shuffle and deal to each person asking the round question:
1st Card/Round (worth one drink - you guess it and give out a drink or if you're wrong, take a drink): Smoke or Fire (Black or Red)? The card goes to the player face up.
Proceed to all players.
2nd Card/Round (worth two drinks, if guessed correctly you give out two drinks or you take two drinks if wrong): Higher or Lower? This is relevant to the first card dealt. If the card is the same, the player drinks double (4 drinks).
3rd Card/Round (worth 3 drinks): Inside or out? This is related to the first two showing cards. If the card dealt duplicates a showing card, the player doubles (6 drinks).
4th Card/Round: Choose your suit? This is unrelated to any other cards showing and is worth 4 drinks.
Next, cards are flipped by each player. It would be a good idea if you try to remember some of the cards out there. The dealer makes a five level pyramid then proceeds to deal out the remainder cards until everyone has an equal number of cards. If any excess cards, add them to the pyramid.
The pyramid is basically a round of bullshit. The base row is worth 1 drink, second row worth 2 drinks, etc. The dealer flips a card starting at the bottom row. If you tell another player to drink one, you are basically telling that player you have that particular card. Of course, you can lie. If they catch your lie and call bullshit, you drink double. If they call bullshit and you were true to your word, show your card and they drink double.
Let's say you're on the second row and you have two cards of the one in show. Well, since each of those cards is worth 2 drinks, you can give out 4 drinks.
Happy Drinking Games!

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