Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Thirsty

Patience is the current state of the kegerator. 30 Gallons await kegging sometime this month. After that, I will be bottling out from each of the batches for competition (something I've never done since I started brewing nearly 10 years ago). Bottling typically sucks but I'm hoping for a smoother experience with the Blichmann BeerGun. The upcoming competitions are for category 3 (European Amber Lagers) and category 18 (Belgian Strong Ales). I think I can only enter one beer per subcategory so the two Viennas and the two Belgians will have to fight for it. Though the pilsner is not eligible for these competition events, I will bottle out some of everything for the QUAFF meeting and to give to a few locals.
The upcoming brew list:
Pilsner - brewed July 2nd
Vienna Lager - brewed July 3rd
Vienna Agave Lager - brewed July 13th
Oktoberfest - brewed July 14th
Belgian Ale - brewed July 31st
Belgian Ale - brewed August 8th

This month will be low key with kegging, bottling, and sampling but next month will be all about the drinking!

Update 9/27: Mass kegging of all 6 brews today. Check out this line-up!


  1. Nice! I hope you enjoy using the Beergun.
    One thing I have not tried is using a longer liquid line for the belgians to provide a little more resistance, and hopefully keep the foaming down on the high carbonation beers. You might want to give that a shot.

  2. Good call, I'll buy some extra line just for that purpose. I'll start with an extra 5 feet beyond what Blichmann provides and slim down if necessary. I also have a counter-filler that might work better for higher volumes of carbonation. Its a pain to use and clean, especially for bottling out only a handful.

  3. Yo. I want brew with you this month. CALL MEH.


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