Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coming Soon: The Lager Cave

Utilizing space in my kegerator for lager fermentation and lagering has long been detrimental to the necessary activity of dispensing and consuming homebrew.  The kegerator simply does not have room for both activities.  Even if you combine both fermentation/lagering and dispensing of kegs, the kegerator spends a large portion of time at about 52°F.  That's not ideal dispensing temperature, very unchillindamos.
My brother-in-law, Ed, recently purchased a condo in the neighborhood.  He's a few blocks from Toronado to boot!  As a fellow homebrewer, he shares the like desires for making lagers.  We went halfzies on a new 24.9 cu. ft. chest freezer that will thrive in his garage.  I purchased this Kenmore Elite Chest Freezer online with Sears through a partner link; timing a sale for a great deal.  We should be picking this up within a week and will Christen it, The Lager Cave. Very chillindamos!
Coming Soon: The Lager Cave
Update 7/21/10: We picked up The Lager Cave and delivered to its new home yesterday evening. We need to wire a new electrical box and better seal Ed's garage, planned for this weekend. A Temperature Controller II is on its way.  The Honey Kolsch is nearly ready and I have a fury of lagers planned.

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  1. That's serious commitment to lager brewing dudes! Keep up the great work!


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