Friday, August 14, 2009

Brewers Unite!

If you haven't seen these videos, they are totally chillindamos! As a homebrewer, it makes me just all warm and fuzzy inside. Just watch it.

I Am a Homebrewer

"I Am a Homebrewer" was a video response and adaptation to its inspiration, "I Am a Craft Brewer" created by Greg Koch of Stone Brewing Company. Watch this too.

I Am a Craft Brewer

The only thing I disagree with in these videos is how they drop the use of corn and rice as an insult to the brewing giants. My contention is that corn and rice add to the numerous ingredients used in brewing beer, and when used creatively can be utilized to achieve a brewing goal. In fact, I know some craft brewers who use corn or rice but that doesn't imply they are trying to increase their margin. Heck, Dogfish Head has even made a malt liquor! Now when you substitute corn or rice for malt in all your beers and put it on a pedestal, that's a different story!
In the "I Am a Craft Brewer" video, it was great to see a number of my favorite brewers. In the homebrewer's world, they are celebrities!

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