Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vinturi Aerator

Michelle and I did a side-by-side comparison a couple of nights ago using the Vinturi and the difference was significant! The aeration provided an immediate cut on the perception of tannins, enabling flavors to come through that you usually need to wait for by either decanting, leaving the glass of wine on the table for awhile, or aging the bottle for months or years in the cellar.
On a side note, my new Droid's phone has been taking some time to get used to. The still image was taken at 3mp (out of 5) at a macro setting. And the video was taken at mms quality settings. I was able to send both simultaneously through Gmail rather than dealing with the limitations of mms. I was thinking that Google might have a blogger app for android but with Gmail settings, I may never need something like that!


  1. I poured the Parcel 41 Merlot blindly for Michelle. She not only was able to immediately tell the difference in the aroma but her first taste between the two glasses drew out an immediate response and correct selection.


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