Friday, November 27, 2009

Small Bar on Black Friday

About a 15 minute walk from our house in University Heights (just another awesome community in San Diego), is a new addition to our famed beer neighborhood, The Small Bar. Small on seating but big on beer, The Small Bar hosted our homebrew club, QUAFF, this Black Friday. They also gave us a much appreciated discount. I much rather drink away the Friday rather than shop the ridiculous discounts. A little tipsy upon the return home, chillindamos!

Look at that beer list! Its easy to waste a day or two here. The video pans the bar and finishes with my brother and sister (in-laws) enjoying the afternoon. I think the bar is more medium-small than "small" in my opinion. I've experienced smaller but this place packs lots of beer goodness in a medium-small footprint.

I had a Houblon Chouffe IPA to start which I'm really taking a liking to. I then had an Anchor Steam Humming Ale, which was awesome. I'm partial to Anchor Steam as it was a desired beer when I was discovering (then-named) microbrews. Last, I had Rogue Brewing's Maierfest. I must have any German-style lager on tap and this was in my sights. It would have been first if not the Chouffe and Anchor Steam distractions! It was a nice brew with honey-like aroma and flavor. Makes me wonder if they tried a decoction mash to pull out rich melanoidins (or maybe they included a melanoidin malt or Gambinus honey malt).

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