Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cream of Wheat, February 28 2010

While this may not be my breakfast choice, cream of wheat is my best descriptor of this recipe idea.  In between a Cream Ale and an American Wheat Ale is what I'm going for.  Kara came over and so did Jonathan from QUAFF.  Needless to say, we had a few beers and ended at Small Bar after the brewing session for yet a few more beers.  To boot, my neighbor went to Stone Brewing for a tour and more and brought me a growler of Old Guardian.  I was spent and decided to wait on the growler for a couple of nights.

Cream of Wheat, January 30 2010

5 Gallons, All Grain, Single Infusion Mash, 90 Minute Boil

6 lbs. Red Wheat
3 lbs. Pilsner
Single Infusion Mash at 148°F

1 lb. Dried Rice Extract (at 20 minutes, not intentionally)

1 oz. Hallertauer for 60 min.

White Labs WLP810 San Francisco Lager Yeast (vial straight, no starter), thanks Kara!

OG: 1.058 @ 66°F
FG: 1.013 @ 64°F
ABV: 6%

Tasting Notes: Easy drinker and wheaty-yummy.  Cranking up the CO2 to about 13psi to give it more sparkle.  Hopefully, that will also strengthen the delicate wheat aromas.  I typically achieve a lower final gravity but I'm thinking that WLP810 doesn't attenuate a well as WLP001.  Also, maybe I simply needed to pitch a higher quantity of yeast.

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