Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guitar Tap Handles, Need Advice

Angus Young, Jimmy Page, Eddy Van Halen, and Tom Petty Guitar Tap Handles

Found these awesome mini guitar replicas on eBay thinking they would be great tap handles.  They're perfect size for the job but I would like to coat them in resin with a threaded insert attached to the back.  These models are too delicate as is.  The tuning pegs, strings, and even the guitar neck are very delicate but I think a strong layer of clear resin will do the trick.  I've been searching around and learning about the resin process which seems fairly straight forward.
I would like the guitars to be dipped in thick clear-coat resin so that it will have a heavy plastic coat.  It seems that resin pours very thinly and I haven't found a resource that may suggest a dip would work.  Or that a thick resin pour would be possible.  OR perhaps I can dip multiple thin coats.  Any suggestions?  Links?
This may take some more research and trial runs but they'll be awesome tap handles when done. Rock on!

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