Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stringing Your Trellis and Training Your Hop Vines

Here's a couple of great videos from HopsTV for all you hop growers out there. HopsDirect has been making videos on their farming process.  Farmer, Stacy Puterbaugh, provides a number of tips to the homebrew grower.

Check out how fast these guys are stringing the hop yard! A very simple knot is tied to the top guide wire at Boy Scout competition speed. Additional crew anchor the lines to the hop mound. Hops TV Episode 10: Stringing Hop Yard:

Stacy's soil is VERY different than what I have. Looks so soft compared to the intensely hard and rocky soil that I have to work with. Goes to show that hops can grow in a variety of soil conditions. Stacy shares very important information about the amount of water needed. Hops TV Episode 2: Training Hops and General Care:

Happy Hop Growing! I'm heading to my farm tomorrow for general maintenance.

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