Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is it time to employ the metal shop!?

Yes, please!
Oh beer!  I've been neglecting my beloved homebrew blog.  While daddy daycare has taken its' toll on blogging, my homebrewing didn't fall off the deep end.  This summer I did manage to have an insane hop harvest, fill all 10 of my corny kegs with homebrew, attend NHC, and host two beer events.  All this while taking care of the little one while my wife returns to work; I'd say mission accomplished.

Like many other obsessed homebrews, I've had a MoreBeer! BrewSculpture on my agenda since they were first available.  The budget seems to be closing in and any given incentive discount could trigger a call to MoreBeer's metal shop (there's typically a discount for the base sculpture during fall).

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