Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Mai Tai

Everyone has a different cocktail recipe for a Mai Tai. We prefer it Hawaiian style with pineapple juice. For that, again, we turn to the Trader Joe's juice isle. TJ's pineapple juice is so much better than buying those tiny cans that Dole offers (I wonder if the origin is the same).

We've been making a few Mai Tais lately and have been experimenting with the formula. The base rum is typically white but last night we made two with spiced rum (one with Sailor Jerry and the other with Tortuga). The result was great. Here's what we have thus far:

My Mai Tai:

Fill glass with ice.
Fill to 2/5 glass with white or spiced rum.
Fill to 1/2 glass with equal parts Amaretto and Triple Sec.
Trader Joe's Pineapple Juice to nearly full, leaving room for the floater.
Mix by stirring.
Float dark rum on the top to taste.

Bars always use Myer's for their dark rum. We picked up some dark Big Black Dick when we visited Grand Cayman a few years back. I'm sure you're all laughing up some joke right now so I'll leave that for you to comment!


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