Saturday, May 24, 2008

Corneius Keg Plastic Replacement

I split a 4-pack order of corny kegs recently. Buying them individually can get expensive, especially with shipping costs. Now, I have more than enough kegs - 12 five-gallon kegs. Though they shipped with o-ring replacements, we got two kegs that had plastic tubes for the gas-in side. Often, old o-rings and plastic have odors retaining from the keg's former use (often soda). Plastic can have other issues including harboring bacteria.

Before use, we ordered replacements (unsure of metal type). William's Brewing has a great selection of replacement parts for kegs. The problem was that the new tube would not fit in the keg. This particular keg seemed to be machined for the plastic style tube.

No problem, just need to drill out the excess to make it fit. The drill bit is about the same diameter as the tubing, maybe a bit larger. Since an o-ring seals the top, there's no need to drill for a snug fit. After drilling through, I switched to high speed and ran the bit through the hole to clean it up. The tube fits just right.
Any new keg, I spend the time doing a thorough cleaning typically with dish soap and scrub brushes. All fittings are inspected, cleaned, and sanitized. I also lubricate all o-rings and poppet valves with keg-lube. The rubber handles and foot is sprayed with silicone. Lastly, I leave a solution of iodophor in the keg along with CO2 so they keg is ready for a brew in the near future.


  1. Stainless steel can rust after coming into contact with regular steel (like a drillbit). To thoroughly clean and repassivate, scrub with a past of BarKeepers Friend with a tubing brush or rolled piece of scotchbrite. After cleaning let airdry and sit overnight.

  2. Hey thanks! Unfortunately, this keg is one of 12 and I may need to treat all kegs if I can't identify the two needing modification. I will look into this during the holidays.


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