Sunday, May 4, 2008

La Jolla Ice Tea Cocktail

We crave cocktails! We have yet to find a perfect bartender in San Diego. Actually, I've yet to experience anywhere that I can depend on consistency, quality, and well-crafted cocktails. If you want a quality drink, you simply gotta make it yourself!

My wife and I shop Trader Joe's on a regular basis. They're our primary grocery store while most treat them as a specialty grocer. As far as alcohol is concerned, they have outstanding deals on spirits and wine (yes, they've got beer too though I rarely buy bottled beer), but what truly stands out is their juice isle. You heard that right, juice!

TJ's despises high fructose corn syrup and so, much of their juice is the real thing. When sugar is added, TJ's uses cane sugar rather than that syrup crap that plagues most juices and soft drinks. The result at TJ's is a myriad of juices suited for cocktails!

One day, I discovered the organic tea and lemonade and thought, "hmm, an Arnold Palmer would taste good about now, maybe with some vodka."

Got home and opened the liquor cabinet to make a new concoction with TJ's Organic Tea and Lemonade and the La Jolla Ice Tea was born. Here's the rough recipe:

La Jolla Ice Tea:

(I use visual proportions for mixing)

  • Fill glass with ice cubes.
  • Vodka (your choice) 1/5 glass full.
  • Tommy Bahama White Rum to about 1/2 full.
  • TJ's Organic Tea and Lemonade to just shy of a full glass.
  • Mix well (or use a shaker).
  • Float Grand Marnier on top.
  • Mint garnish.


  1. that sounds so good right about now!

  2. I'll second that. It sounds good right about now, especially since I am at work!


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