Monday, July 6, 2009

Anti Foam for Yeast Starters

During Seanywonton's visit here, he suggested Anti Foam for yeast starters to prevent boil overs. Previously, Michelle and I had an elaborate routine of using the microwave to preheat measured amounts of water and DME along with using a few hop pellets all in an attempt to reduce boil overs when making a yeast starter. For us, a yeast starter is almost always necessary since we build up our yeast arsenal from frozen stock. Click HERE to see how we make our yeast starters.
During the last brew order with William's Brewing, I picked up some AntiFoam to give it a try.

They suggest 2-4 drops so I applied 4 prior to boil. The foam that was present immediately subsided. I was then able to vigorously boil for the entire 20 minutes. Previously, I have always needed to be careful not to have the burner on too high for risk of boil overs. Before our microwave routine, I even went as far as turning the heat on and off - basically baby sitting the flask for 30 minutes. Very unchillindamos!

For $3.90, the 1/2oz. bottle of AntiFoam should last for quite some time and prevent a number of inevitable clean-ups. Well worth it, if you ask me!


  1. Glad it has enabled you to chill more! I'm even lazier: I use it in the ferment too so I don't have to worry about a blowoff tube!

  2. Blow-off tubes are such a pain to use and clean. I'll try that next time I make a wheat beer. What is this stuff anyway? Does it also have an effect on head retention? Does it eventually settle out?


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