Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vienna Lager, July 3 2009

Ah, Vienna Lager! This is an uncommon beer style. Despite being a lager, I suppose the "lite" crowd sees the vienna lager as a "dark" beer. And the ale crowd sees it as weak in body and hops. Then, its no wonder why vienna lager is not more commonly brewed and consumed in the US. I know Samuel Adams has made a Vienna Lager and even Trader Joe's has a labeled Vienna lager beer. Down the road from us is Gordon Biersch and they have a nice Vienna lager occasionally on tap. I feel that a Vienna lager is a great daily drinker. It pairs well with a variety of foods and is typically a crowd pleaser.
As with most lagers, this brew takes patience and temperature control. I'm shooting for a slightly lighter in color and hoppier version of the style.

Vienna Lager

5 Gallons, Multi-Step Infusion Mash, 80 Minute Boil

6lbs. Vienna
2lbs. Domestic 2-Row
2lbs. Pilsner
1lb. Munich

122°F for 30min.
150°F for 30min.
Mashout at 170°F and 5 Gallon Sparge for 60min.

0.33oz. Homegrown Magnum 60min.
1 Whirlfloc Tab 10min.
0.25oz. Hallertauer 10min.

White Labs WLP830 German Lager Yeast

900ml starter pitched at 60°F

OG: 1.050 @ 60°F
FG: 1.015 @ 38°F - Corrected 1.014
ABV: 4.73%

Kegged 9/27

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